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April 22, 2011

Scuttling around in the shallows

Last night I went to listen to a soundscape compostion by Jana Winderen at the Project Issue Room in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
This evening was part of Issue Project Room’s Sonic Unconscious series. From IPR’s website:

In Scuttling around in the shallows, Winderen will continue her investigation into the sound of shrimp, exploring how the smallest creatures of the ocean use sound for communication, orientation, and feeding. Hydrophones—originally a military development—are repurposed, inadvertently producing unexpected qualities not informed by their original design.

It was a wonderful composition and I look forward to hearing more of her work.

You can listen to an MP3 sample of her work here.

April 2, 2011

McLaughlin Park

For a sound journal assignment, I visited a local park on different days and times over a couple of weeks. The park is a block away from my house.

My favorite sonic moment in the park was on a quiet Wednesday evening at about 9pm: An adult woman came in and started using one of the playground swings. I was enjoying the gentle squeaking of the swing — she had her back to me and I don’t think she was aware of my presence. Then she surprised me by these sounds:

What a great sonic use of a city park: When our apartment walls and the close proximity of neighbors threaten us with suffocation, we may not be able howl at the moon in a far-off empty field, but there there is McLaughlin Park.