Thank you Eliane Radigue

Last night while listening to Last FM, my selection switched to a kind of drone which at first I wasn’t too thrilled to hear.  I was soon mesmerized however by this slow layering of extraordinary sounds. The composition had a meditative effect on me and as I was lying in bed listening in darkness, I eventually dozed off. This morning I discovered that I had been listening to Elian Radigue, a French composer who for most of her career used the ARP 2500 to create her sounds. This was ARPs first synthesizer, built in the 1970s, and only 100 were sold.


The track I listened to last night is called Koume, from Trilogie De La Mort. I highly recommend headphones for this.  To read more on Radigue go here. There’s also a lovely profile of her on Vimeo:


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